Ruya Riding Center

Horse Boarding

We are a professional and friendly horse boarding yard perfectly located to all Sheikh Zayed and 6th of October residence.

We have over 20 years’ experience of providing high quality horse boarding services and offer some of the best livery facilities in the area.

We offer both boarding and full-boarding services.
  • The main stable yard accommodates 24 large boxes, measuring 3.25m x 3.75m and a larger one for breeding purposes.
  • The side stable yard accommodates 10 steel structured boxes, measuring 3m x 3m and a larger one for breeding purposes.
  • All boxes are equipped with automatic drinkers, portable feeding bins, electric fans, separate lighting and bedded with wood shavings or straw.
  • High density sandwich panel roofing, plus the triple layered water tanks, providing maximum thermal insulation that ensures optimum water temperature for our horses at the most severe weather conditions.
  • Wash box with heated water
  • Riders changing rooms; men and women
  • Secure yard, under CCTV surveillance
  • Tack Room
  • Private boarders Tack Room
  • Feeding Storage room
  • Veterinary Supervision 6 days/week
  • Veterinary and Trainers Office
  • Veterinary clinic equipped with all veterinary emergency equipment and medications
  • First Aid Facility
  • Grooms Residence
  • 2 paddocks for turnout
  • Two fully lit fiber sand riding arenas and one lit sand riding arena
  • Horse Walker (Exerciser) for 4 horses
  • Horse Transportation Truck for 6 horses
  • Green Grass horse Track
  • A full jumping course of fences and qualified fence builders
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Care and Professionalism
  • We know that every horse is unique – we take great care in preparing individual feeding, training and exercise programmes with you, which we review regularly.
  • All our staff are continually upgrading their qualifications to ensure they have the most complete and updated skills.
What does basic boarding cost?
Basic boarding is mainly for box rental fees and allows you to use all the Center’s facilities.
  • Call the office on +2 010 188 222 15 for details.
What do we offer as full-boarding?
Full-Boarding includes basic box rental fees and allows you to use all the Center’s facilities, as well as choosing one or all of the following options on cost per item basis:
  • Veterinary supervision 6 days/week.
  • Grooming, mucking out and tack cleaning.
  • Bedding (wood shavings).
  • Horse feed according to your choice of feeding brands.
  • Exercise plan for your horse. Schooling and training your horse on the days you cannot make it to ride in line with a plan we agree with you.
  • Advanced dressage or showjumping lessons from highly qualified FEI and EEF approved trainers - Advanced Training Details
  • Regular horse shoeing, all horses are shod every 5-6 weeks. Farrier is readily available for emergency call-out if necessary
  • We offer a show preparation service – plaiting, trimming, clipping etc.
  • Show support – horse transport and groom support.
  • Call the office on +2 010 188 222 15 for details.