Riding Arenas

We have three riding arenas in total. Two school arenas, and the outdoor main arena with the latest sand/fiber/stabilizer surface.

The main Outdoor Arena measures 50m x 40m and is floodlit. It has sand/fiber/stabilizer surface offering the best quality footing for all riding disciplines, and it is equipped with a full set of jumping fences designed according to the latest international guidelines and of the highest wood quality.

The first School Arena is also floodlit measuring 40m x 20m. It has sand/fiber/stabilizer surface, ideal for group lessons and is great for dressage training and lunging.

The second School Arena is also floodlit measuring 30m x 20m, ideal for beginner lessons, small groups (particularly with new or younger riders).

All arenas are equipped with automatic watering system to ensure ideal conditions for fiber maintenance and dust control.